I admit it - damn it,  I’m an Internet addict. I have been since I first encountered the Web. My name is Maurice Bretzfield.

I first saw the Internet during the late spring or early summer of 1994. It blew my mind and changed the trajectory of my life.

I read an article in the paper about a local philanthropist and how he had donated a computer and Internet connection to the local library and went off to see what this Internet thing that I’d been hearing about was all about. I was about 47 and had a very successful apparel importing and marketing experience by then.

I arrived at the library to find a young man of twelve or thirteen sitting at the library’s computer and drew up a chair next to him. He was typing away and after awhile the librarian came over and saw what he was doing and said “oh, you can’t connect to bulletin board sites here”.  Needless to say it took the kid about 5 minutes to get where he wanted to go.

His 30-minute allocation of time being up I took the seat at the computer and began a journey that has all but consumed my life since. Like an addict, that first “fix” was the start of a love affair.

I wasn’t always an Internet geek. After being discharged from active duty in the U.S. Army I returned home and took a job with a company called United Factors. Sitting behind a desk eight hours a day and pencil pushing not being compatible with my energetic nature (I did learn the essential skill of how to read and analyze a financial statement though) I left that job and became a road salesman for a woman’s apparel company. It was 1969, I was twenty-two.

The company had begun to import goods from South Korea. The first shipments were a disaster; mismatched color lots, buttons falling off  and collecting in the bottom of the box - anything that could make the garment unsellable had been accomplished by these guys. So I was dispatched to Seoul to see if I could quickly educate the suppliers to get the quality right. I never did. But what I did do was find other suppliers who would sell light gauge sweaters to me for 35 or 40 cents apiece. I got into the sweater business. Three years later I was the single largest single of garments from South Korea and was thoroughly schooled in purchasing, production, logistics, and general business management. I did that for nearly twenty years.

During that time I joined the boards of The Center for Early Education, Cedars Sinai Medical Center and The Los Angeles Children’s Museum. I served those boards in various capacities but the most fun I had was as Capital Campaign Co-Chair at the school. We built a modern facility and the school still prospers today. I’m really proud of that one.

Burned out and in need of a change (and I guess a mid-life crisis) I found the Internet and have been engaged in eCommerce, Marketing Strategy and Internet Strategy ever since. I have been using the Internet as a vehicle for added value and guiding companies to find new markets, customers and sources of income ever since.

Sometime ago I expanded my practice to include what is being called “Inbound Marketing” helping organizations discover new and creative ways of looking at their marketing operations and helping them to discover new customers, markets and sources of new leads and customers. I am passionate about this.

I’m also passionate about my partner, her work, my two gorgeous daughters, my grandchildren (they are the best, just ask me!) and blue water sailing. I travel extensively and nothing gives me greater pleasure than learning about other cultures and peoples.

If you are serious about positioning your business for the new marketing realities of the 21st century, contact me.at maurice.bretzfield@gmail.com.