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This is the inspirational memo Apple employees receive on their first day.

"There's work and there's your life's work.

The kind of work that has your fingerprints all over it. The kind of work that you'd never compromise on. That you'd sacrifice a weekend for. You can do that kind of work at Apple. People don't come here to play it safe. They come here to swim in the deep end.

They want their work to add up to something.

Something big. Something that couldn't happen anywhere else.

Welcome to Apple."

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"We created Tastemade with on goal in mind: to connect the world through food. A generation ago the cable industry launched category defining brands in food and lifestyle and we believe the same opportunity exists for today's global, social and mobile digital platforms."
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Eclectic Stuff From Around The Web. Some of it really crazy, some really useful, some just really interesting and all (I hope) valuable for you.

9 Sources Of Inspiration For Highly Successful People
LinkedIn recently published a series featuring a wide range of things that can provide inspiration. In the series titled "
What Inspires Me," LinkedIn Influencer's shared what keeps them working, from a harsh rejection they received at the beginning of their career to the hard-working people they see every day in the office.
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The Plight of the Honeybee
Mass deaths in bee colonies may mean disaster for farmers--and your favorite foods
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A Discount Grocery Chain Is Being Touted As 'Wal-Mart's Worst Nightmare'
A discount grocery chain is being called "Wal-Mart's worst nightmare."
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Do You Know These Quotes From Kids’ Books
Can you remember these great quotes from the best stories of your childhood?Inspired by Brian Galindo’s post 35 Childhood Books You May Have Forgotten About.
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Here's Why I Think Jeff Bezos Bought The Washington Post
First, I'd guess that Jeff Bezos thinks that owning the Washington Post will be fun, interesting, and cool. And my guess is that, if that is all it ever turns out to be, Jeff Bezos will be fine with that. This is a man who invests in rockets and atomic clocks, after all. He doesn't necessarily make these investments for the money. Or bragging rights. Or strategic synergies. Second, I'd guess that Jeff Bezos thinks that there are some similarities between the digital news business and his business (ecommerce) that no one in the news business has really capitalized on yet. 
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How can algorithms help us understand books? (Thanks to Elvie Mae Parian)
Recently the Sunday Times outed J.K. Rowling as the author of the detective novel The Cuckoo’s Calling, published under her nom de plume Robert Galbraith. While devotees of Rowling quickly procured and binge-read her latest work, linguists and language lovers worldwide celebrated the computational analysis of the two scholars who helped reveal the true author of the book in question.
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On YouTube, Funny Ads That Would Never Air On TV About Touchy Subjects
With a few exceptions, outside of the Super Bowl, most TV ads I see don’t take risks. That’s understandable. Targeting a mass audience, advertisers largely choose to play it safe. But YouTube is a playground where taking risks may draw in an audience. Ads become content, even ads about unlikely things like women having their periods, condom use and men wiping their butts. Oh my.
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16 Pairs Of Proverbs That Will Make You Question Everything
Seriously, classic sayings. Get it together.
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14 Things You Will Only Find In Japan
I want to go to there. Let us take you on a trip to the geek promised land
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The Chicago Tribune Has Made the Best Internet Mistake of the Day
It looks as though they've fixed it, but for a glorious 16 minutes this was the Chicago Tribune homepage. It is self-evidently wonderful, but let's still talk about just how wonderful it is.
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WATCH: This Magician Can Do Crazy Things to Your Brain
Over the last nine years since my 2004 TEDTalk "Brain Magic" I have been studying hacking into the brain and reprogramming its most basic functions. In 2010, I made a series of five one-hour TV shows with the Discovery Channel called "Deception with Keith Barry."
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David Ogilvy’s Timeless Principles of Creative Management
“If you ever find a man who is better than you are — hire him. If necessary, pay him more than you pay yourself.”
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Google revamps search to feature in-depth articles
Want to know more about censorship, love, or legos? The Web giant reworks its search feature to display more comprehensive articles, papers, and blog posts alongside its quick answer listings. If publishers want to make sure their in-depth articles appear high in Google Search listings, the tech giant offers webmaster guidelines on just how to do that. These guidelines include pagination, logos, and authorship markup.
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Appearing in Google's "In-depth articles" feature
Often when you're searching on Google for a person or organization name, or other broad topic, you'll find a block of search results labeled "In-depth articles." These results provide high-quality content to help you learn about or explore a subject. While the feature is based on algorithmic signals, there are steps you can take as a webmaster to help Google find your high-quality, in-depth content and best present it to users in the search.
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Content Personalization—The State of the Art in 2013
We talk about content personalization as if it's just on the horizon, a dream that marketers have that hasn't quite come true. You might be surprised to know there are already several contending technologies out there that can be used effectively today. Before we dive into a list of available apps, let's survey the issues and criteria facing the content and marketing technology team in choosing a direction for personalization. Then we'll unveil some of the best new options.
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How Content Marketing Fails
Facebook and Tumblr's recent branded content projects demonstrate the importance of linking content marketing to a clear business objective.
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Five Tips for Better Content Marketing
Would you like to know how to make people like your company so much that they'll be eager to buy from you, and tell all their friends how wonderful you are?
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5 Tips for Creating Content That’s Educational—and Unforgettable
The best content marketers are the best teachers.
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Why Education is a Powerful Content Marketing Strategy: 17 Examples
I just finished reading this Richard Branson post about following your passions in life. In it, he restates this magnificent quote from Nelson Mandela: “Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world.”
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Mobile / Apps

Ikea launches augmented reality catalog
 Swedish furniture retailer Ikea has added an augmented reality function to its 2014 catalogue, allowing customers to see what products will look like in their homes.
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Mobile Posse’s Jon Jackson on the Future of Mobile Marketing
Jon Jackson is the founder and CEO of Mobile Posse, the first company to commercially launch graphically-enhanced interactive mobile home screen programming in North America, offering a proactive mobile delivery channel well-suited to the needs of carriers, content providers, and brands. The Makegood recently spoke with Jon about Mobile Posse’s venture into home screen messaging for mobile device.
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Google’s Cutts: Got Bad Links To Your Site? Don’t Fret It, Disavow It!
In a recent video answer from Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts, Matt said if you have bad links pointing to your site, don’t worry about it; all you need to do is disavow those links.

Matt Cutts said, “just go ahead and disavow those links,” even if those linking to you do not remove the links. “At that point, you should be in good shape and I wouldn’t worry about it after that,” Google’s head of search spam said.
Here is the video:

13 SEO Myths Debunked
SEO is a vastly misunderstood concept. For example, most people understand Search Engine Optimization to mean getting top ranking on SERP. Is the organic traffic to your site proportionate to your ranking assuming you actually managed to rank? And is the traffic also converting? Let’s try and understand the concept of SEO from the point of view of the numerous myths perpetuated both by so called SEO Experts (read, companies) as well as by amateurs who may have managed to rank for insignificant keywords with very little work.
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The State of Educational Blogging 2013
We’re often asked for detailed information on how educators are using blogs. The main reasons why we get these requests from educators are: They need information to convince school administrators to allow blogging, they are trying to work out the benefits of blogging and how blogs are used with students, they want to know more about which blogging platforms are commonly used by educators (and why).
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Buyer Persona's

3 Behavioral Insights Marketers Should Be Mining
Buying behavior is undergoing the most radical change in modern business history. The arrival of the digital age has shifted the balance of power and control into the hands of buyers.  Confounding marketers across the globe on how best to respond. The challenge today is not only in catching up to these shifts in buying behaviors, but also to gain predictability in how to anticipate behavior.  B2B buyers, acting more like consumers every day, avail themselves of the web, social, and community channels to seek the information they need.  Predicting what exactly marketers should have available can no longer be a guessing game.
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Video Marketing

Report: Social Media, SEO, Integrated Marketing Key to YouTube Success
The number of views for brand-created content on YouTube is growing 73% year over year, which means both that brands are comfortable marketing on the world’s biggest site -- but also that competing for share of voice will get harder as YouTube grows more crowded.
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Inbound Marketing

Why Inbound Marketing Lets You Raise Your Prices
You know inbound marketing helps you generate leads. That’s not what this post is about. It’s also not about the other major benefit of inbound marketing—increasing traffic to your site. No, this post is about raising your prices, a not-often-talked-about, but hidden side benefit, to doing inbound marketing.
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9 Inbound Marketing Thought Leaders You Should Follow...Today!
What is a thought leader? In the B2B inbound marketing realm, we hear the phrase tossed around almost daily.  Everyone with a laptop and a marketing degree positions themselves as a thought-leader. We've sifted through the noise to present you with 9 people who have brought both uniqueness and effectiveness in the areas of content creation, social media marketing, SEO, and all other aspects of inbound marketing. Why 9?  Because the expression to the nines means to the highest degree. Someone dressed "to the nines" is dressed up as much as they can be. As men and women who have come to define true thought-leadership, they change the way we see ourselves, our lives, and our work. Here is our list.
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Ikea's Augmented Reality Catalog Lets You Virtually Demo Its Furniture In Your Living Room
Once customers find a piece of furniture that interests them, all they have to do is open up the Ikea app, point their smartphone camera at the physical catalog for a quick size calibration, and they're ready to go.

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Email Marketing

Inbound Marketing 101: Email Newsletters
“People who buy products marketed through email spend 138% more than people that do not receive email offers.”
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