Inbound-Outbound...Outbound-Inbound - It's All Marketing. What's the Difference?

Outbound Marketing and advertising, including digital outbound, has become highly ineffective and shows meager ROI. Because customers are fast forwarding through TV commercials, ignoring direct postal mail and are ignoring outbound email messages that don't compel them - they are ineffective and provide marketers with unacceptable return on time and cost invested in them.

Inbound Marketing fixes this by replacing traditional (and expensive) strategies with an "insight driven strategy" that is far less costly and far more effective. And, Inbound Marketing produces provable ROI.

Inbound Marketing is data-driven. It's a strategy that results in the optimization and targeting of content including Email, Enewsletters, Blogs, Articles, Whitepapers, Videos, Podcasts, eBooks, Social Media Marketing and other forms of content that is optimized (SEOd) for a targeted audiences

Because Inbound Marketing focuses on earning, not buying customer attention it's highly more effective and costs much less than inefficient outbound marketing.

The reasons for this are clear. An Inbound Marketing system, when properly designed and implemented, combines content with context and produces targeted compelling content that delights your customers. When they are delighted with what you are offering they will reward you.