Indeed. Who will save this amazing resource. Here's some background…

I subscribe to a few food newsletters. One of my favorites is If you’re a “foodie” you should subscribe, it’s usually chock full of interesting articles. This one blew me away.

So, when the headline “Who Will Save The Food Timeline” caught my attention I found this amazingly fascinating (if you’re a foodie!) resource, I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been fascinated about the human identification of food sources. I mean, who the hell first figured out that you could eat a mushroom, or an asparagus, or a chestnut? Right? Who first ate those things and how did they enter our food supply? I’ve thought about that often, how about you? I  mean, oysters and clams, salt and pepper and all the rest of the herbs and spices we use. Fascinating I think.

So here it is. A really authoritative compendium of the history of food. Compiled, over decades, by Lynn Oliver, “a New Jersey reference librarian fascinated by the history, and origins of our foods and, later, the recipes we developed to utilize these things to make everything taste better. I mean, it’s really interesting to learn about where all that came from.

Unfortunately, Lynn Oliver’s passion is fading away. Lynn passed in 2014 and the family has been looking for, well, I guess you might say, a custodian and someone, or some group, who will continue to preserve and develop it. It stops in 2014. 

All that said, this is a really wonderful and fascinating compendium of the history of food, and some wonderful recipes and cookbooks.