Teaching  Internet Marketing - My Way of Giving Back

I love teaching - especially young people, and so many of them need marketable skills in this tough job market.

There is also a great need among community and not-for-profit organizations to find new sources of funding. I teach a twenty hour course for anyone willing to give their time to a worthy organization and to those organizations struggling in this difficult economy. My classes begin every two-months and are completely free for worthy groups. 

If you are interested in organizing a class for your for-profit or non-profit organization please contact me

What You'll Learn About Internet Marketing

There are many components of Internet  including SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Keyword Discovery Strategy, how to use the principle of the "Long Tail" to discover keywords and keywords phrases that have little competition, how to build a "backlink" strategy, how to use automated marketing tools, how to put it all together to develop an "Inteternet Marketing Strategy" that will produce new leads and new customers and how you'll show superior Return on Investment (ROI) by utilizing this methodology.

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please contact me at 
maurice.bretzfield (@) gmail.com.

How I Share Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing  is an essential skill today and  I'm passionate about the idea that young people, who for the most part are not getting any Internet Marketing training in schools, must master the skills.

I love teaching young people and offer my classes free of charge to people who are willing to put these skills to work to advance their own careers and giving them something to "give back" to the non-profit community. All I ask is that you pay it forward to a community effort of your choice. You'll get the skills you need and you'll be giving back too.

I also donate my time to non-profit organizations who are in need of finding new sources of funding.

The skills that I teach can help them to re-direct their outmoded marketing efforts and find new sources of income.

So, anyone who is willing to devote forty hours to any non-profit of their choosing is welcome to join my class free of charge. 

What People Are Saying About My Classes

I loved it...thanks for making it so non threatening to understand.  Bobbi Van, New York City Artist and Entrepreneur

Thanks Maury: the class was wonderful. Mark Monchek, Chief Opportunity Officer, The Opportunity Lab

I'm so grateful for this training. It's very important to know about these marketing strategies and you are so obviously an expert in this area. Susan Bartlestone, Certified Crime Prevention and Personal Safety Specialist

Online Marketing with Maurice Bretzfield was an unforgettable experience. It is impossible to unlearn what was already learned, and that is the reason why I will always remember Maurice and this class. He opened our minds to the infinite amount of resources and concepts that the internet provides us with, which were unknown to many of us.  Maurice empowered us by introducing us to tools that would allow us to do so much more. And of course, he is always motivation for us to keep researching and finding new and better ways to do things. I give him thanks for engraving the motivational phrase "learn baby, learn" into my brain.



Thank you so much for all your support and kind words. I am extremely lucky to have learned from you the past few months. You have made a lasting impression on my life and I will never forget that. Aside from the infinite Internet Marketing information I have learned, you have also taught me genuine life lessons from sharing your experiences. 

I am so glad I got the opportunity to learn from the best..

I will definitely stay in touch and keep you updated on my business, and future endeavors.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Tuesdays (and Fridays) with Maury      never proved to be anything less than impactful. From Finances to Digital Marketing, Maury covered the gamut as much as he could in four short months. Maury has a "tell it how it is" style of teaching, and I found him very engaging. Maury provided us with so much invaluable information and resources. It is clear that Digital Marketing is his passion and learning from his level of expertise has a been a rewarding experience. 

There were a few times that I was overwhelmed by the amount of information given in one setting, but with the limited time we had I would not have wanted anything less, so thank you for each and every lesson prepared. 



I found all the material very useful, from everything you taught us to all the links and websites that do all these amazing things. My business (or any business today) thrives on digital marketing and this program would have made no sense without your expertise. I really do appreciate your patience and continued dedication to us, your mentees. I just want you to know to keep expecting emails from me even two years down the line because I am going to need your knowledge to take this company from my head to the streets.

Thank you once again.


Internet Marketing as taught by Maurice Bretzfield, has a wealth of information regarding the proper ways to market ones business which, I found to not only be important to me but essential to me as well as an entrepreneur. There  I was not only able to learn the finer points of internet marketing but also learn about some of the strategies involved that can really help my business stand out on the web such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a bulk of social media tools to help me better market my business and how to properly use and read the analytic tools available on the internet.


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