Internet Marketing

As the size, breadth and development of the Internet has grown Internet Marketing has become an intricate and complex business of its own.

Today, no business can afford any longer not to have a comprehensive Internet Marketing Plan.

Because of the Web's potential for spreading a marketing message globally the “1 to 1” nature of the Internet is sometimes forgotten. But the fact is that Internet marketing is “1 to 1” marketing in its purest form. It’s all about contacting, acquiring and maintaining one customer at a time.

A properly constructed Internet marketing effort has many components including SEM (keyword marketing), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), e-Mail Marketing, Customer Acquisition Programs,  Affiliate (Associate) Programs,  Banner Advertising Programs, Direct Marketing Programs, Geo-targeting, Article Marketing, Keyword Analysis and Targeting, User Data Acquisition, Social Networking, viral and other Web 2.0 strategies. Not all of these strategies are right for all marketers, but some are vital to the success of every marketing effort.

To be successful it is vitally important for a marketer to understand where targeted consumers can be found on the Internet and learning how to contact them where and when they are ready to engage in a dialog with your company about your product or service.

Begin your project by consulting with someone who is knowledgeable about Internet Marketing and jointly develop an overall Internet Marketing strategy designed for your industry, your business and your product.

The right Internet Marketing consultant will do this by evaluating your company’s relative Internet marketing strengths and weaknesses, improving on the weak areas and capitalizing on the already strong ones based on your marketing objectives, your target markets, your products and clients and your overall messaging objective and then create strategies that drive more quality traffic to your Website and your business.

The consultant will create a Web site architecture, do usability studies, create content, develop affiliate programs, e-mail marketing programs, social media marketing development, viral marketing campaigns, develop and help implement SEO and SEM strategies, community development models, develop effective blogging strategies, newsletters, content distribution, press releases and more depending on your objectives and budget.

In today’s hyper-competitive marketing world employing all aspects of Internet Marketing Management along all stages of the customer engagement cycle has become critical to marketers of all products. Remember, it is highly likely that your competitor is doing it and you’d better too.

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