Value Based Pricing

I know that you don’t hire me to design a solution for the sake of designing a solution. You hire me to design a solution that’s going to help you meet your goals and objectives.

I know that the value of what I do is based on the impact I have on your business.  I’m not a time card, I’m the accumulation of all of the skills and talents that I've acquired during more than forty years of business experience. I offer wisdom, creativity and many years of accumulated knowledge. That's why I take a value-based approach to my pricing and that is why I charge what is appropriate for the value that I  deliver. 

I don't sell hours. Instead, I sell a solution that is going to make an impact for you and achieve your objectives. I'm working for you from your perspective.

I believe that selling hours actually creates a conflict of interest. It puts you and me on opposite sides of the table because  selling hours makes it in my best interest to take longer - to bill more hours. But I know that's not in your best interest. Your best interest is in deploying solutions that work as promptly as possible.

I recognize that my clients don’t care about my costs. You care about the value that I create for you and that’s what I should be asking you to pay for. That's why my fees are value-based instead of cost-plus based and that is why I use the word investment when referring to the cost of your project. I know that your assessment of my services is based on the ROI that the systems I design returns to you.

The value that I receive from my investment in your project is referrals. I live on them. Accordingly I work with a certain type of client who values the services I offer. I look for a fit.

You can count on me to be the partner that you are investing in to deliver results for your business and that we’ll be working on the same side of the table building a relationship that is mutually beneficial.


  (C) Copyright 2009-2013. Maurice Bretzfield. All Rights Reserved.

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