Maurice Bretzfield
Digital Marketing Solutionist 

Consultant, author and speaker Maurice Bretzfield has had an extensive business career working with executives who are seeking to maximize their digital marketing results when they turn to outside help on marketing issues. Organizations call on his innovative thinking when seeking to bring their marketing efforts into the 21st Century. He has developed solutions with organizations such as Microsoft, MTV, and The Walt Disney Company.

Top marketing executives call upon Maurice for his innovative thinking when tackling their toughest Digital Marketing challenges. He style is engaging and inviting.

Maurice spent nearly forty years as a serial entrepreneur with expertise in executive, sales and marketing roles. Maurice's experience includes nearly twenty years as EVP and CEO of Internationale Set Inc., a global apparel manufacturing and distribution firm with multiple brands and global distribution channels.  Maurice also co-founded EComWorks an early pioneer in Web marketing and also founded Global Outsource Management a firm that created digital marketing solutions for global brands.

Maurice has been helping major global brands in their Internet marketing efforts since 1995. 

Via Teleconference
I am now conducting Virtual Digital Seminars via video conferencing. I am happy to speak to your virtual audience globally.


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Popular Topics Include:

digiquationâ„¢ and The Four Moments of Truth
While most organizations realize that something is up, most struggle with the what, where's and why's of how to engage a digitally empowered consumer.

In this stimulating and informative talk Maurice Bretzfield unlocks not only the secrets of how to develop an integrated end-to-end digital marketing strategy but why a digiquation strategy is an imperative. Maurice looks the audience in the eye and candidly tells them why they must become thought leaders in their market segments and why, if they don't, some other organization will.

Why You Absolutely Must Build An In-House Digital Marketing Juggernaut
In this talk Maurice explains why outsourcing your Digital Marketing Efforts is no longer an option and not only why you must build an in-house "newsroom" that becomes the hub of all of your marketing efforts but how you go about doing it.

Building Digital Assets And How They Impact Your Balance Sheet
Digital Marketing isn't merely an expense, it's an investment that can have a substantial impact not only on your bottom line but in the asset value of your organization as well.

In this intuitive talk Maurice explains how to build these digital assets and then engages with the audience in a lively Q&A.

How You Measure and Demonstrate ROI From Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing creates measurable and demonstrable ROI. In this talk Maurice discusses how you measure this ROI and why the ROI of Digital Marketing far exceeds what marketers are used to.

Creating Your Personal Brand
Intended for younger audiences, Maurice describes the imperative of creating a personal brand and explains in detail not only why but how to go about it. 

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