The Business of Me

I am fortunate to be working with a most extraordinary person - Nancy Salamone is a visionary.

Several years ago, in an attempt to utilize her knowledge, skills an strengths Nancy began to develop a curriculum designed to teach women survivors of domestic violence financial self-sufficiency skills and “The Business of Me” came into being.

Nancy began by presenting the program in Battered Womens shelters in New York and New Jersey to groups of shelter clients who needed to learn personal financial management skills in order to transition from abusive relationships into new lives, lives free of domestic violence. The program has been a success from the beginning.

The problem of spousal abuse has always been endemic. Today, due to the economic crisis, it has become an epidemic.

Hearing the call, and after an accomplished business career, Nancy has undertaken to adapt and expand “The Business of Me” into a curriculum that can be presented by Case Workers, or, what the program calls “Moderators”, within the shelters. This will vastly expand the reach of the program that can now be brought to women in need everywhere.

“The Business of Me” is innovative, unique and visionary. The program is different from other workshops in budgeting and financial management in that it takes a holistic approach to helping women survivors of domestic violence achieve financial health by teaching them real-world financial management skills. The program addresses participant's fears of money, fears that can be crippling and acute and that can often block their paths to financial stability.

During the first six week period, taught at the shelter, the program deals with overcoming fear, the teaching of real-world financial literacy and skills and it uniquely creates a support group, what the program calls “The Board of Directors”, that meets three times (once a month for three months) at the shelter beginning one month after the end of the first section. At the end of the second “board meeting” the participants choose their own chairperson and the group chooses venues for their future meetings. The group is supported by a social networking component.

It has been an honor for me to support Nancy in this great effort. I’ve had the opportunity to use my experience in business and the Internet to help Nancy formalize her thoughts. I will continue to help “The Business of Me” expand by utilizing my marketing, administrative and Internet skills. I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to join her in helping to change the lives of so many women in need.

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"The Business Of Me"
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