Digital Marketing Consulting and Training

I am located in New York City. I consult, I design and I help implement Inbound Marketing systems - and I teach.

Digital Marketing integrates business process and technology to drive higher-value lead generation through data-driven demand creation. It is the most efficient method of acquiring new leads and nurturing customers through the purchase funnel. 

Internet Marketing is a skill set that must be learned, understood and implemented with commitment to the principles and to a plan. When done correctly it produces superior results and vastly increased ROI and in the case of non profits, new sources of income. 

What's more the true promise of Digital Marketing is the creation of true customer centricity. 

I represent both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. 

Finding the right targets can seem like looking for needles in haystacks - but when you have the right system in place your efforts lead to more customers, reduced costs of customer acquisition and substantial ROI. Digital methods are much more efficient than than outbound marketing in practice in much of American marketing today.

Internet Marketing, implemented correctly engages, converts and retains customers. 

If those are your goals contact me and let me show you how.

Learn Internet Marketing

Some marketers have shied away from Digital Marketing because of the misconception that it requires a substantial commitment of resources or that their organization isn't ready for it. They couldn't be more wrong. It's vastly more efficient than traditional Outbound Marketing methods. 

Internet Marketing's relative time commitment is not that different from that of traditional marketing methods – Digital Marketing merely shifts where and when organizations will invest their resources. Understanding Digital Marketing is an essential 21st Century skill-set for anyone who is serious about communicating a message that earns and retains new customers

This is marketing that is scalable and can be implemented in any organization regardless of size.

I consult with management and help them to understand the principles of Digital Marketing, how it can affect marketing effectiveness, create new leads and customers, nurture customers through the decision funnel and produce superior ROI. 

After management has made the decision to deploy Digital Marketing I design the system and then teach the organization the principles and how to utilize the new system being deployed.

Digital Marketing Consulting

I consult with SME's, non-profits and the marketing departments of larger organizations.

Digital Marketing is scalable and so am I. I care less about the size of your organization than I do about my client's commitment to learning the principles and putting them into practice. Your success is my success.

I present one, two or four-hour introductory seminars and customized private seminars for organizations. These intensive seminars are designed to put your organization in the position to implement a fully-functional Digital Marketing System. 

I also provide a 4-week course in which participants learn in-depth knowledge of how to implement and use an Inbound system.

About My Pricing Model

Inbound Marketing Systems

Digital Marketing is scalable and so is the system required by you. I design systems that integrate already available web based software solutions scaled to your requirements. This is a turn-key solution - an investment leading to real ROI growth and reduced costs of customer acquisition.

Learn Inbound Marketing From A Professional

I am passionate about what I do and nothing gives me greater pleasure than sharing this passion with others. 

I will teach your group the principles of Internet Marketing, including why now is the time to understand the emerging field of Predictive Behavior and  the "Age of Context" and what this means for the future of your marketing effort. And, I will teach you how to develop your own Digital Marketing strategy, how to implement it and how to measure and report your ROI.    

Giving Back 

In the words of the late great Lou Reed "Life's been good to me so far" and I look for opportunities to give back where and when I can. Click here to read about how I do that 


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