Great Solutions Increase in Value Over Time 

Are you positioned as the thought-leader in your market? Are you building your digital assets? 

Inbound Marketing systems designed by us will make you the trusted "go-to" thought-leader in your space while building your organizations digital capital as you engage, convert and retain customers.

This is 21st Century marketing.

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About Inbound Marketing Insight

Inbound Marketing integrates business process and technology to drive higher-value lead generation through data-driven demand creation. You'll create higher value leads and higher value customers while becoming the thought-leader in your space.

Our typical client includes senior "C" level executives and small and medium size enterprises who want their organizations to deliver on the promise of Internet Inbound Marketing. After initial consultation we design end-to-end Internet Inbound Marketing systems and train organizations to use them.

Internet Inbound Marketing focused organizations have the ability to become truly "customer-centric" because Inbound focuses the organization on discovering what customers want and delivering them the targeted information they need - when they need it. When done correctly this is marketing that builds lasting customer relationships. 

Shouldn't that be your marketing goal?

Internet Inbound Marketing is 21st Century Marketing. The way you will be doing it. The question is - when will you begin?

So, What is Internet Inbound Marketing Anyway?

Some call it Internet Marketing, while others call it Digital Marketing. Some called it Content Marketing, some say Search Engine Marketing. And yet others call it Social Media Marketing. But the term du jour is "Inbound Marketing". Whatever you call it, Inbound Marketing is a strategy that combines and  incorporates various aspects of all of these including SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Content Creation and Delivery and Social Media Marketing. This is personalized marketing that earns you new leads and customers because you've become the trusted thought leader in your space. 

Inbound Marketing is a skill set that must be learned, understood and implemented with commitment to the principles and to a plan. It is not a tactic or an activity, it's a strategy.

While some marketers considering Inbound shy away from it due to the misconception that it requires a substantial commitment of resources - they shouldn't. Inbound is the way you will market, there is no doubt about. The only question is how soon will you begin?

Inbound Marketing's relative time commitment is not that different from traditional marketing methods - in fact Inbound may require less time and it's certainly more cost effective. Inbound Marketing merely shifts where and when organizations spend their resource and the tools you require are, for the most part, free or low-cost Web based solutions.

Inbound Marketing is scalable and it can be implemented in any organization. Inbound Marketing supplements or even replaces traditional (and expensive) "outbound" methods with an "insight driven strategy" that is far less costly and far more effective. 

And, Inbound Marketing produces measurable and  provable ROI.

Why You Must NOT Outsource Your Digital Marketing Effort to Service Providers

Digital Inbound Marketing has got to be a vital core competency in any organization. If you are outsourcing any part of your digital marketing effort including SEO or Social Media Management, you're making a big mistake. 

I've been a proponent of outsourcing for over four decades. I have always believed that if a function is not a core competency that outsourcing provides many benefits. But Digital Marketing is not a function you should outsource - not any of it, and I've been telling this to clients for a long time. If you outsource Digital Marketing functions to agencies you are giving away digital assets of tremendous long-term value.

An important new article from McKinsey & Co. illustrates exactly why. 

To quote McKinsey "Most companies rely on digital agencies for things like optimizing search marketing. In such cases, they may be ceding digital capital, since they never develop a full understanding of consumer segments or what inspires a customer who searches for their products. Seeing such capability building as an investment may change the logic of using third parties. Similarly, when companies look to established tech players for partnerships shoring up weaknesses, they should be cautious: some seemingly high performers may be on the wrong path and could burden you with outmoded standards and platforms. Alternatively, if you deal with strong players, you may be leaving yourself vulnerable by letting them lead."

That's it in a nutshell. It's your digital capital that's at stake. You've got to build, retain and own your own digital assets. If you don't you'll soon regret it.

Download and read every word of the McKinsey report. You'll be glad you did: 

What I Do - Inbound Marketing Consulting and Training in New York City

I consult and I design and implement Inbound Marketing Systems - custom systems designed to make you the thought leader in your space. And, I train and teach you how to use a system that builds your digital capital while acquiring, converting and retaining customers. 

While I'm happy to travel, and do so frequently, I concentrate my services on clients in the New York area with a truly "hands on" approach".

Invite me to speak to your group or organization and let me tell you why building and retaining your own digital assets is a 21st Century imperative.


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